Skuad is a tech-enabled platform for companies to effortlessly build remote technology teams. They help companies hire deeply vetted product managers, software engineers, data scientists and digital marketers to quickly execute their product digitization roadmap.

Besides this, Skuad also serves as a talent centric platform that connects professionals to exceptional tech opportunities across the globe. Their mission is to bridge the gap between talent and opportunities that would have otherwise not connected.

The Challenge: Assess developers at scale without compromising on the quality of talent and compete with regional firms to showcase the quality of their talent.

Previously, like many companies, Skaud resorted to onsite interviews to assess developers. With the pandemic on the rise, remote workers saw unprecedented demand across the globe. While the world was gearing up their efforts to conduct businesses remotely, Skuad was meeting the challenge of competing with regional staffing firms and recruiting organisations.

With this expansion, they now faced the unprecedented challenge of meeting their demand for talent supply, without compromising on the quality of their talent. To meet the rise in demand, Skuad had to swifty expand their talent pool of vetted software developers. This meant that they had to test developers at scale across countries against well-defined rubrics and not abstract metrics to ensure they are able to scalably assess developers.

The Codejudge Solution:

With Codejudge’s automated assessments, Skuad tested over 5000+ candidates for their talent pool to effectively match them with their right companies across countries. The data-driven assessments enabled Skaud to add credibility to it’s  pool of talent and showcase the quality of their vetted developers with skill reports that gathered over 127 skill data points.

Skuad built their talent pool after testing candidates for both technical acumen and the ability to build scalable solutions. With real word project based assessments, they were not only able to increase candidate accuracy by 87% but were able to match the right candidates to right profiles based on their work shown through the real world projects.

The final result:

Skuad witnessed an 8x decline in the cost to hire a candidate and 6x decline in the time to hire this candidate. While metrics defined success, our biggest achievement was the ability to include developers across different educational backgrounds and prove their technical acumen and real world skills.

The Real world assessments set them apart from competitor firms with similar talent pools and gave them the edge to compete with larger firms.  The skill reports generated through Codejudge assessments gave diverse data points on each developer, proving the quality of their talent like never before and giving them a competitive edge over all their competitors. This resulted in Skaud almost doubling their clients in just 3 months.

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