The global pandemic brought rapid changes in the way business is conducted all across the globe. As companies respond and adjust to the changes in the regulations,  the pandemic has also brought significant changes to hiring, including one of the most crucial hiring activities: campus recruiting.

Without physical pre-placement talks and on-campus interviews to hire fresh graduates, traditional university recruiting programmes eventually proved futile. Besides this, the practice of traditional campus placements included thousands of students, countless resumes, hours of time gone to coordination and a huge amount of time and money spent on each campus. In fact, the average hiring time that a company takes on each campus often amounts to 48-72 hours per campus. In short, your technical toolbox needs to be sharpened for hiring fresh tech talent, now more than ever.

With remote hiring being the norm, a scalable, accurate and efficient campus strategy is at the core of hiring fresh talent. There’s no doubt that talent acquisition on campus is challenging and often leads to companies juggling between the branding of a company on one hand and the challenge to accurately assess each candidate on the other. With large volumes of students being assessed, knowing which candidates would make it to the next round is the next most important step. That’s exactly where leveraging the correct and efficient campus recruitment tools and assessments enter the landscape.

Remote assessment platforms can drastically reduce the time and effort that companies put into testing candidates while at the same time boost their accuracy, especially for tech talent. With Codejudge’s automated assessments, you can seamlessly and simultaneously conduct campus hiring with virtual campus hiring solutions within a few clicks. The assessments range from customisable and adaptable programming questions to buildable MCQs which can be set up and set to students across campuses within minutes. Automated tech assessments potentially bring down time spent on each campus from 48-72  to just 6-8 hours for all campuses.

One of the reasons why campus hiring is a hit among companies across nations is due to the sheer talent pool that is present on these campuses. Understanding this, Codejudge’s pre-vetted fresher talent pool allows companies to hire directly from a pool of tech talent from the top engineering colleges of India from the IITs to the NIITs. All you have to do is, tell Codejudge who you’re looking for and you’re all set to bring the top tech talent on board with a fraction of the time you’d usually spend on campus hiring.

In the end, we’ll leave you with the top 4 reasons why you need to automate your campus hiring for fresh tech talent right away:

  1. Simultaneously conduct hiring drivers across campuses and expand your geographic reach
  2. Assess for skills not piles of resumes with automated tech assessments that help you bring only those to the next round who have the technical chops for the role.
  3. Increase brand awareness amongst fresher talent and boost your candidate experience with while labelling.
  4. Bring your hiring cost down from 6.2% to 1% with testing as low as 200$ for unlimited tests.

If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait for your tech campus hiring process to refine and become more efficient, sign up with us.